Essence In The Jungle

Wyjeżdzam dzisiaj na krótkie wakacje, miałam pomalować paznokcie lakierem Catrice Sold Out Forever, ale było to dla mnie za trudne ;) Stanęło więc na Essence Show Your Feet In The Jungle. Aplikacja była bez zarzutu (2 warstwy plus top), kolor to duplikat O.P.I Jade Is The New Black. Do zobaczenia we wtorek!

I’m going on short vacation, I was thinking about painting my nails with Catrice Sold Out Forever, but it was to hard for me ;)  So I used Essence Show Your Feet In The Jungle. Application was flawless (2 coats + topcoat), color is a dupe of O.P.I Jade Is The New Black. See you on Tuesday!

  • Cel

    That’s a very pretty colour :D
    Enjoy your mini vacation!

  • Great colour! Have fun on your vacation! :D

  • Paramore

    Bardzo ładny kolor, kusi mnie ten lakier, bo kocham zielenie – może jeszcze nie na paznokciach, ale i tak ta jest warta uwagi ;))

  • Paramore, jest świetna ta zieleń :-)

    Thx girls!

  • Wooow, I just read on your Run, Forest, Run! entry that one Essence is a dupe for Jade Is The New Black and I was like: whaaat? Seriously?? Are they 100%? Because it’s by far easier for me to get Essence than OPI. :D

  • @Ulmiel I don’t have Jade, but look: almost the same. Not dead dupes buy Essence is easier to find and chaper. It also lasts good, I went for a trip with it and it was perfect for 2-3 days.