Another lemming was killed ;-)

Sally Hansen Purple Gala was one of my lemmings and I swapped for it in a MUA swap. It is a jewelry type of polish, like Zoya Crystal. I absolutely adore this varnish! :-) It is a glassflecked mix of dark purple and gold. 3 coats.

Sally Hansen Purple Gala to był jeden z mocno wishlistowych lakierów i wymieniłam się za niego z dziewczyną z MUA. To taki biżuteryjny typ jak Zoya Crystal. Absolutnie uwielbiam ten lakier! :-) To glassfleckowy miks ciemnego fioletu i złota. 3 warstwy.

shadow / w cieniu

sunlight / w słońcu

  • Jane

    Oh my! I can totally understand why you adore this polish, it’s so freakin’ gorgeous!!!!! And so unique…. *Sigh*

  • awesome :-D

  • Cel

    Such a fantastic polish! Looks amazing on your nails!

  • I think I own this. I hope I do!

  • prześliczny jest :)

  • It’s gorgeous!

    It looks quite similar to the Hard Candy Mr. rong I wore recently.

  • cudny ! ; O ♥

  • Śliczny :)

  • super kolor!
    + ile ty masz tych lakierow do paznokci?? :P ^^

  • @Takeshi^^ dużo :D

  • Bello *_*
    I’m wearing something similar (colour concept wise) at the moment :D

  • Jane

    I love this so much that I ordered it at Ebay right after I read this post! It’s truly amazing! Keep up the good work, I love your blog!